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Grant Deadlines

The next grant year starts on the 1st November 2023 and the closing date for grant applications ends at 5pm (GMT) on the 30th April 2024.

Applicants can complete and save their Grant Application Form at any time but can only submit their application from 1st November to 30 April and will be required to log in to complete the process.

It is anticipated that the Trustees will have processed all of the grant applications within 90 days of the closing date and successful applicants can expect to hear from us by the end of July.

Before you consider applying for a grant, you need to be sure that your project is suitable for funding. You must be able to answer all of the questions in the Application Form and be in a position to attach the required supporting documents. Trustees will only consider applications made on their own grant Application Form.

The decision made by the Trustees is final. The Australia Day Foundation UK Trust is unable to enter into any correspondence, including email enquiries, regarding the outcome of any application or decision appertaining to it.

What we will consider funding:
Fees (study institutions)
Course literature and materials
Travel (but not day to day travel expenses)

What we won’t fund:
Living Expenses

Who Can Apply

Young Australians holding a valid Australian passport with an expiry date on the passport that exceeds the end of the grant period. 

Grants will only be available to applicants who are entitled to work/study in the United Kingdom for the period of the project. You will need to supply evidence of your permission to be in the UK for the period of the project.

Value of Grants

Please note that there are a limited number of grants available in any one year and the value and number of grants is determined by the Trustees after having regard to all relevant factors.

Grants can be up to £10,000 except in exceptional circumstance where the Trustees consider a higher amount may be awarded.

Under no circumstances will the grant be paid direct to the successful applicant.

What and How

For example:
What work/study do you want to do in the United Kingdom?
It is important to give a clear sense of the goals and the process.
What are you hoping to achieve?
What is the timescale?


Exactly what is it that you would like the Trust to fund?


Once we have established you are eligible for a grant we will assess your application and during this period we will make contact with your host institution and your referees. Grants will normally be made in July.

If you are successful

After the assessment is complete we will tell you of our decision in writing and you will receive a grant offer letter which will explain the terms of the grant.
[Note: Successful applicants will not be considered for further grants.]

If you are not successful

In the event your application is not successful we will inform you in writing, either by letter or email. 
We regret we will not provide specific reasons or provide feedback where a grant is not awarded. Please note if you are unsuccessful you cannot reapply in the current grant year.

How To Apply

Applications must be made using our online application process. We regret no paper applications can be accepted.
Please note that applications should be word-processed as hand-written statements are not advised.

Progress of an application & data protection

On receipt of the correctly completed online application and supporting documents you will issued with a registration number.

If you do not receive a registration number acknowledging receipt it is because you have not submitted your application correctly. 


By submitting your application and supporting documents, you agree to the Trust downloading these documents from the Trust website database and retaining them for a period of no more than six months after the end of the term year (term year 1 May - 30 April). Once an application has been unsuccessful, the application and supporting documents will be deleted from this database within one month of the applicant receiving a letter from the Trustees informing them their application has not been successful, and all hard copies destroyed within six months after the end of the term year. 

When an applicant  is awarded a grant from the Trust, the Trust will retain hard copies of their data for a period of one year after the final payment of any grant to the applicant, but the Trust will delete data from the web database within a period of three months after the grant has been accepted by the applicant. 

The Trust may also retain details of your name, your course of study and educational institution and the amount of any grant made to you for the purposes of complying with its obligations as a registered charity.

The Australia Day Foundation UK Trust Trustees and Patrons will have access to your data.  The Trust will not share your personal data with third parties. 


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